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White Stag Tea Cup

I just completed a fun collaboration with The Whiff Co. They collaborate with local makers and illustrators to curate gift boxes that are deeply personal and heartfelt. This one is called BLANC.


'Celebrate the moments when those you care about take that first bold step to accomplish something new. If they're still sitting on the fence give them a shove in the right direction with tea fit for any adventure and a tea cup to match. Inspire them to meet adventure head-on with a bold Sage Rose White Tea blended in Baltimore by Wight Tea Co. Have them relax after a hard-earned victory with a special floral blend crafted locally in Washington, DC by Shafa Blends. Brew both teas in a striking tea cup crafted locally in Washington, DC by Kate of Hollow Work Ceramics. Everything comes padded by cotton and packaged in a beautiful box of unfinished pine.'

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