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Please visit me this weekend at Union Market on Saturday and Sunday, from 11-6. I'll be selling my pottery on Dock 5 in the back. American Field hosts pop-up markets across the nation "featuring a curated selection of the most innovative and emerging brands the country has to offer." I'm trilled to be a part of this. Come on over and support local small businesses. You can check out all of the vendors here, AND you can win a $500 shopping spree by registering here. Definitely do this - it's free and you just have to be there on Sunday at 2.

I'll have a bunch of new work for sale. Also, it's my first booth set-up (not just a table) and I'm pretty excited about how it looks. Come see! It will be FUN!

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My 3 little petal piece cups will be on display at the Clay CoOp in Rockville MD from July 8th - 24th. The Clay CoOp is a neat little gallery / studio / classroom space that was envisioned and brought to life by Chris Landers. He wanted to create his own ceramics community and he did! It's impressive and I'm happy to have my work exhibited there.


This is a new body of work I'm hoping to play with more. They are my interpretation and celebration of a Japanese form called ‘Soba Choko’. These cups were made for everyday domestic use during the Edo period (1620-1886). Although they were mass produced, they encouraged an appreciation of craftsmanship and beauty of functional objects.

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Have you been to Shopkeepers Gallery in DC? It is such a lovely well curated shop. I'm honored to have my work sold there!

Please stop by on Saturday, June 24th for a Makers Pop-Up. I'll be selling a small selection of my work (the more minimal stuff) with 3 other AMAZING woman owned small local businesses. Hope to see you!


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